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“With Expel I have peace of mind that nothing is going to get a chance to do damage in my network.”

Coverage on-prem and in the cloud

We’ll monitor your data 24x7 to make sure your crown jewels remain safe – even if you’ve “gone to the cloud” and can’t see them anymore.


Security tech

Using the security tools you already own we filter out the false positives and look for:

  • Lateral movement
  • Signs of persistence
  • Command and control
  • Privilege escalation
Icon - Cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure

When your servers are in the sky you’ve got less visibility. We’ll identify:

  • Data loss
  • Compromised credentials
  • Applications attacks
  • Abnormal API use

Cloud applications

Users are your new endpoints when it comes to cloud applications. We look for:

  • Unusual user behavior
  • Compromised accounts
  • Data loss
  • Privileged access abuse

Hunt for threats that bypass your tech

We’ll proactively analyze your historical data to find threats your security tech missed. Our current techniques focus on evasion, credential access, discovery, lateral movement, and command and control.

Historical scripting interpreter hunt

Here’s the tl;dr on how we hunt…

(full details here)

Diagram - Working With Us

Our people do what machines can’t – exercise judgement

From understanding your network, to investigating an alert at 3am or tuning your tech, our SOC staff is dedicated to making you more resilient.

Security analysts

Watch your environment 24x7, investigates alerts and keeps you up-to-date on things that need your attention.

Engagement managers - Security analysts

For engagement managers

Getting started

  • Build a resilience plan
  • Conduct device health checks
  • Learn about your goals and success metrics


  • Provide data to show change impact
  • Prioritize resilience recommendations with you
  • Help build a business case to implement resilience actions

For security analysts

Getting started

  • Begin to tune out any benign activity
  • Learn about your infrastructure, key accounts, and assets


  • Analyze alerts; notifies you when they become investigations
  • Provide finding reports that tell you what to do next
  • Develop new detection rules for your environment

Easy to get started

(so simple even our marketing team can do it)

Getting started with Expel usually takes hours – not days or weeks. The only tech you deploy in your environment is the Expel Assembler™ virtual machine.

  1. Download and install
    Expel Assembler VM*
  2. Connect your tools to
    Expel Assembler
  3. Expel analysts monitor
    your environment
    Expel Analysts
  4. You get answers and recommendations

Now what?

Once you’re connected, all you have to do is keep your products that are connected to Expel up to date. We’ll tell you when there’s something you need to care about.

Activity You Expel
Keep your products up to date
Connect your products to Expel
Monitor your products
Detect and investigate threats
Make resilience recommendations
Spend your time focusing on what you love

Ready to talk to a human?

When you tell us you’re ready, we won’t waste your time. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll have someone get in touch who can talk tech.


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