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Expand your security ops with 24x7 detection and response

(and shrink your to-do list)

Coverage on-prem and in the cloud

We work with the tech you’ve already got. If you’ve “gone to the cloud,” are still on-prem (or somewhere in between), we’ll monitor 24x7 and investigate things that are suspicious to make sure your crown jewels remain safe.

Security tech

Using the security tools you already own, we filter out the false positives
and look for:

Lateral movement
Malicious scripts
Defense evasion
Compromised accounts

Icon - Cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure

When your servers are in the sky, you’ve got less visibility.
We’ll identify:

Data loss
Compromised accounts
Web application attacks

SaaS applications

Users are your new endpoints when it comes to cloud applications.
We look for:

Unusual user behavior
Compromised accounts
Data loss
Privileged access abuse

Where we fit into your business

You decide what works best. Hand all of your 24x7 SOC-style security operations over to us or work in a more collaborative model with our analysts directly extending your security team. Either way, you’ll know when we kick off an investigation and receive updates along the way.


Get the capabilities of a modern security operations center without the investment

Securing the cloud

Discover how you can get a grip on your cloud security

Replacing an MSSP

See what your managed security relationship could look like

Where we fit into your security team

(even if you don’t have one)

From understanding your network, to investigating an alert at 3 a.m. or tuning your tech, our SOC staff is dedicated to making you more resilient.

Security analysts

Watch your environment 24x7, investigate alerts and keep you up-to-date on things that need your attention.


Working together

Your business needs and structure are unique to your organization. We’ll work to turn the knobs to match your communication, alert and workflow preferences. For the day-to-day work here’s how we’ll engage with you.

Dig deeper to see where security operations fits in your business and how Expel can help

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Ready to talk to a human?

When you tell us you’re ready, we won’t waste your time. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll have someone get in touch who can talk tech.


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