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Strengthen your security operations with transparent managed security

…and replace what you spend on MSSPs and MDRs

Where we fit into your business

(you’re the expert in your business, so it’s up to you)

You decide what works best. Hand all of your 24x7 SOC-style security operations over to us or work in a more collaborative model with our analysts directly extending your security team. Since you share the same interface with our analysts, it’s easy for Expel to fit into your processes and grow with you as your security program evolves.

(we know you were wondering)



Decide what to protect

Analyze cost vs. risk and determine your best course of action.


Security Engineer

Manage your security tech

Keep your products running and make them run better.

What you do

Your Existing Investments

What we do

Expel enrichment

Automated analysis

MSSPs only do this

Monitor and respond to threats


Expel tier 1 analytics

Expel tier 2 analytics

Expel Tier 1 Analytics

Is this alert really bad? Do I need to escalate?

  • Event distillation
  • Correlation
  • Enrichment w/ Intel
MSSPs only do this

Expel Tier 2 Analytics

What’s the risk? How do I resolve it?

  • Add business context
  • Investigate who/­what/­when/­where
  • Risk and impact assessment
  • Response approach
…and MDRs only do this
(if you’re lucky)
and MDRs only do this
(if you’re lucky)

remediation actions

resilience actions

What we do
What you do

Security Engineer & Systems Admin

Remediate threats

Act on short- and long-term recommendations from security operations.



Measure results

Track improvement and prioritize investments to reduce risk further.

Since we’re transparent, you can see anything (or everything) Expel is doing for you 24x7.
See how you’re improving and hold us accountable if you’re not.

Dig deeper to see where security operations fits in your business and how Expel can help

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What we replace

(we know you were wondering)

Expel replaces what you’d spend on managed security service providers (MSSPs) and managed detection and response (MDR) providers. We think MSSPs have reached the ceiling of the value they can provide. They’ve beaten their customers into submission and taught them to expect less by taking a transactional, one-size-fits-all approach, managing to their SLA and prioritizing the quantity of alerts over quality of service. MDRs have emerged to fill the gap with specialized services but since they don’t replace MSSPs they’ve just forced customers to buy two different services.

Activity MSSP MDR
Security device management (firewall, SIEM, etc.)
Vulnerability management
Security device monitoring
Automated alert processing
24 x 7 monitoring by a staffed security operations center (SOC)
Log data collection and storage
Log data analysis
Ability to use existing security stack (vs. vendor-mandated tech)
Advanced threat detection
Proactive threat hunting
Event/alert triage performed by an analyst
Incident validation and notification
Remediation guidance
Advanced data analytics to reduce false positives
Resilience recommendations to address root cause of repeat incidents
Transparent view into analyst activities via rich portal experience
Real-time metrics to measure progress and hold vendor accountable
Alerts enhanced and prioritized with business context

What’s your situation?



Get the capabilities of a modern security operations center without the investment

Replace your MSSP


See what your managed security services relationship could look like

Investigate and Respond

Investigate and respond

Learn how our managed detection and response (MDR) service works with your team

Ready to talk to a human?

When you tell us you’re ready, we won’t waste your time. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll have someone get in touch who can talk tech.


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