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Open source disclosure

Last updated March 2018

When we talk about transparent managed security it includes being transparent about the open source software we use to deliver our service. After all, how we secure ourselves (including the security of our code and third-party code we integrate into our Workbench) is a key part of our customers’ security posture. Here’s what’s in there.


Open Source Software Name Description Type of Open Source License
CentOS Operating System Various
Fedora Project Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) Additional applications for CentOS Various
Confluent Kafka Stream Processing Apache License Version 2.0
Zookeeper Service Discovery Apache License Version 2.0
Consul Service Discovery Mozilla Public License 2.0
Redis NoSQL DB Three Clause BSD
Burrow Kafka monitoring Apache License Version 2.0
Timesketch Collaborative forensic timeline analysis Apache License Version 2.0
Vault Managing secrets Mozilla Public License 2.0
oauth2_proxy Authentication MIT
Gravitational Teleport SSH proxy Apache License Version 2.0
Postgres Database PostgreSQL License
Packer Image building Mozilla Public License 2.0
Terraform Infrastructure Management Mozilla Public License 2.0
OpenResty Web server Three Clause BSD, Two Clause BSD, MIT, OpenSSL
ElasticSearch Document indexing and search Apache License Version 2.0
snoopy Command logging GNU General Public License v2.0
ship_it Python RPM building MIT


Open Source Software Name Description Type of Open Source License
Pygments Syntax highlighting Two clause BSD
pyjq Binding for jq JSON processor MIT
pylint Python code static checker GPLv2
pyOpenSSL Python wrapper module around the OpenSSL library Apache License 2.0
pystream-protobuf Python implementation of stream library MIT
pytest Powerfull testing with Python MIT
pytest Powerfull testing with Python MIT
pytest-catchlog py.test plugin to catch log messages MIT
pytest-cov Pytest plugin for measuring coverage MIT
pytest-flask A set of py.test fixtures to test Flask applications MIT
pytest-ordering Pytest plugin to run your tests in a specific order MIT
pytest-timeout py.test plugin to abort hanging tests MIT
pytest-watch Local continuous test runner with pytest and watchdog MIT
pytest-xdist py.test xdist plugin for distributed testing and loop-on- failing modes MIT
python-dateutil Extensions to the standard Python datetime module Apache License 2.0
python-digitalocean API to manage Droplets and Images LGPLv3
python-editor Programmatically open an editor, capture the result Apache License 2.0
python-rapidjson Python wrapper around rapidjson MIT
python-snappy Python library for the snappy compression library from Google Three clause BSD
pytz World timezone definitions, modern and historical MIT
PyYAML YAML parser and emitter for Python MIT
ravello_sdk Python SDK for the Ravello API Apache License 2.0
raven Raven is a client for Sentry Three clause BSD
redis Python client for Redis key-value store MIT
requests Python HTTP for Humans Apache License 2.0
requests-toolbelt A utility belt for advanced users of python-requests Apache License 2.0
scikit-learn A set of python modules for machine learning and data mining Three clause BSD
scipy Scientific Library for Python Three clause BSD
simplegeneric Simple generic functions ZPLv2.1
six Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities MIT
slackclient Slack API clients for Web API and RTM API MIT
SQLAlchemy Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper MIT
SQLAlchemy-JSON-API Fast SQLAlchemy query builder for returning JSON API compatible results Three clause BSD
SQLAlchemy-JSONAPI JSON API implementation for use with SQLAlchemy MIT
SQLAlchemy-Utils Utility functions and datatypes for SQLAlchemy Three clause BSD
structlog Structured Logging for Python MIT or Apache License 2.0
termcolor ANSII Color formatting for output in terminal MIT
tldextract Separate the TLD from the registered domain Three clause BSD
tldextract Separate the TLD from the registered domain Three clause BSD
traitlets Traitlets Python config system Three clause BSD
ujson Ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python Three clause BSD
urllib3 HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more MIT
uWSGI The uWSGI server GPLv2
versioneer VCS-based management of project version strings Public Domain
virtualenv Virtual Python Environment builder MIT
wcwidth Measures number of Terminal column cells of wide-character codes MIT
Werkzeug WSGI web application library Three clause BSD
werkzeug WSGI web application library Three clause BSD
xmltodict Makes working with XML feel like you are working with JSON MIT
zeep A modern/fast Python SOAP client based on lxml / requests MIT


Open Source Software Name Description Type of Open Source License
csv-write-stream Write CSV streams BSD 2-Clause
jsonapi-server Implementation of json:api and GraphQL MIT
jsonapi-serializer Node library for serializing data to JSON APi MIT
google-cloud/storage Client for Google Cloud Storage Apache License 2.0
async Async utilities for node and the browser MIT
bases Number conversion utilities MIT
bycrypt Password hashing MIT
bluebird Promise library MIT
cls-bluebird Bluebird with support for continuation local storage BSD 2-Clause
body-parser Request middleware parser MIT
cacheman Cache provider for nodejs MIT
change-case String converter MIT
continuation-local-storage Thread local storage based on node style callbacks BSD 2-Clause
cookie-parser Cookie parsing middleware MIT
csv-parse Convert csv text input into arrays/objects BSD-3-Clause
csv-stringify Convert arrays/objects into csv text BSD-3-Clause
express Web framework for node MIT
express-http-proxy Middleware to proxy requests MIT
express-jwt Middleware for validating JsonWebTokens MIT
express-winston Winston middleware for express MIT
faker Generate fake data for testing MIT
flat Flatten/unflatten nested js objects BSD-3-Clause
flushwritable Writable stream that flushes before finish MIT
google-protobuf Google protobuf runtime library BSD-3-Clause
hot-shots Node client for Datadog's DogStatsD server MIT
ipaddr Library for manipulating IP addresses MIT
jsonwebtoken Implementation of JSON Web Tokens MIT
ldjson-stream Streaming newline delimited json parser BSD-3-Clause
lodash Lodash library MIT
moment JS date parsing library MIT
multer Middleware for handling multipart/form-data MIT
node-jq Wrapper for jq MIT
pg PostgreSQL client for node.js MIT
pg-query-stream Read rows from postgres as readable stream MIT
pluralize Pluralize/singularize any word MIT
qr-image QR Code generator MIT
redis Redis client for node.js MIT
redis-js In memory redis-compatible implementation MIT
semver Semantic versioner for npm ISC
sequelize Promise-based node.js ORM MIT
sequelize-cli CLI for sequelize MIT
speakeasy One-time passcode generator MIT
superagent Client-side http request library for node.js MIT
superagent-mock Superagent plugin for simulating http calls MIT
superagent-prefix Superagent plugin for prefixing absolute URLs MIT
tmp Temporary file/directory creator for node.js MIT
umzug Framework agnostic migration tool for node.js MIT
uuid Generator for RFC4122 UUIDs MIT
yargs Parses optstrings MIT
ember.js Framework MIT
ember-cli CLI Development Tool MIT
ember data Data Persistence Framework MIT
broccoli-asset-rev MD5 tags deployed versions MIT
chart.js Charting library MIT
ember-ajax Ajax request library MIT
ember-api-feature-flags Feature flag capability driven by API/Server MIT
ember-awesome-macros Conditional/Logic code macros MIT
ember-bootstrap Ember/Bootstrap integration library MIT
ember-changeset Object Mocking Framework MIT
ember-changeset-validations Object Validation Framework MIT
ember-cli-babel Babel javscript transpilation MIT
ember-cli-content-security-policy Configuration helper for enabling Content Security Policy for the UI MIT
ember-cli-eslint Code Linting/Quality Framework MIT
ember-cli-googlefonts Retrieve google fonts for display MIT
ember-cli-mocha Mocha Testing Framework Apache 2.0
ember-cli-mirage Mock Server Framework for Testing MIT
ember-cli-numeral Number formatting library MIT
ember-cli-sass SCSS stylesheet library MIT
ember-cli-sentry Bug/Error reporting library MIT
ember-cli-string-helpers String formatting MIT
ember-cli-uglify Javascript minification/obfuscation MIT
ember-component-css CSS Module packaging library MIT
ember-composable-helpers Composable conditional library MIT
ember-concurrency Task executing library MIT
ember-cookies Set/Read HTML Cookies MIT
ember-cp-validations Object Validation Framework BSD-3-Clause
ember-file-upload File upload capability for UI MIT
ember-i18n Internationalization library Apache 2.0
ember-in-viewport UI existence/is object visible library MIT
ember-initials Renders SVG of a users initials MIT
ember-light-table HTML Table component MIT
ember-lodash Pulls in Lodash UI library MIT
ember-macro-helpers Extra logical helpers to aid development MIT
ember-math-helpers Library for aiding in addition/subtraction etc in UI templates MIT
ember-metrics Mixpanel integration library MIT
ember-modal-dialog UI component for displaying tethered modals MIT
ember-moment Integration to the momentjs time library MIT
ember-native-dom-helpers Test library to abstract away the DOM MIT
ember-notify UI toaster library MIT
ember-page-title Dynamically updates browser Title MIT
ember-power-select HTML Select component with more features MIT
ember-promise-helpers Library for aiding in asynchronous UI templates MIT
ember-prop-types Library to allow for declarative input parameters for components MIT
ember-remarkable Markdown library MIT
ember-responsive Library to aid in reponsive UI layouts MIT
ember-scroll-to Library to scroll browser window to elements MIT
ember-simple-auth UI authentication / authorization framework MIT
ember-template-lint Linting for UI template consistency MIT
ember-test-selectors Testing library for selecting DOM elements easier MIT
ember-truth-helpers Logical helpers for handlebars templates MIT
eslint-plugin-ember ember specific linting rule package for use with ember-cli-eslint MIT
liquid-fire UI animation library MIT
mdi Material Design Icons Apache 2.0 and SIL Open Font License 1.1
highlightjs Highlight parts of the web page based on criteria BSD-3-Clause
bcryptjs bcrypt hashing for JavaScript MIT
big-integer Arbitrary length integer operations Unlicense (public domain) (NOTE: "Unlicense", not "unlicensed")
bluebird-retry Asyncronous operation retry MIT
grpc Library for interacting with grpc services Apache 2.0
grpc-tools Library for generating grpc messages/services from protobuf definitions Apache 2.0
ipaddr.js Library for manipulating IP addresses MIT
mkdirp Library for creating full directory paths (mkdir -p for JavaScript) MIT
node-rdkafka Apache Kafka client MIT
protobufjs Library for encoding/decoding protobuf messages BSD-3-Clause
raven Sentry SDK for node.js BSD-2-Clause
snappy Nodejs bindings for snappy compression library MIT
underscore Utility library for JavaScript MIT
winston nodejs logging library MIT


Open Source Software Name Description Type of Open Source License Google Cloud library BSD 3-Clause Kafka library MIT gram Metrics library MIT Kafka library MIT Rate limiting library MIT Rate limiting library MIT Root certificate collection MPL v2.0 Pretty printing library ISC Rate limiting library MIT Compression library MIT Queue library MIT VirusTotal library Apache v2.0 Testing libray MIT Redis library Apache v2.0 library BSD 3-Clause Geo IP library GPLv3 Microservice library MIT Logging library MIT Call Stack Library MIT Protocol Buffers library BSD 3-Clause Protocol Buffers librar BSD 3-Clause Compression library BSD-3 Clause Comparison library BSD-3 Clause "JSON serialization library " BSD-3 Clause UUID library BSD-3 Clause Google API library BSD 3-Clause Microservice library BSD 3-Clause Microservice library BSD 3-Clause Microservice library BSD 3-Clause Windows Execution library Apache v2.0 SQL Library MIT Configuration library MIT Checksum library BSD 3-Clause Logging library MIT Postgresql library MIT JSON library MIT Database migration library MIT DNS library BSD 3-Clause Testing library The Unlicense Compression library BSD 3-Clause Hashing library BSD 3-Clause Error handling library BSD 2-Clause Metrics library MIT Rate limiting library MIT UUID library MIT String manipulation library MIT Logging library MIT Command line helper library Apache v2.0 Command line helper library BSD 3-Clause Testing library MIT Command line helper library MIT Cryptographic library BSD 3-Clause Networking library BSD 3-Clause Authentication library BSD 3-Clause UNIX/Windows system library BSD 3-Clause Text/Internationalization library BSD 3-Clause Google API library BSD 3-Clause Google appengine library BSD 3-Clause Protocol buffer library BSD 3-Clause RPC library BSD 3-Clause Mailgun api library BSD 3-Clause ElasticSearch library MIT Markdown library BSD-2-Clause

Download a PDF version of this list here.

Yes … there’s even more legalese

This is the part where you get to the bottom of the page and the lawyers have put in a bunch of words that say, well, something…!


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