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(yes, these are the actual prices)

Our pricing is simple. It’s based on how many endpoints you’re trying to protect. You choose one of our three service levels and we provide service in yearly increments. We don’t nickel and dime you with add-ons. And there’s no extra charge for us to monitor more security applications.

Night Shift
Expel Night Shift
Starts at
for 1,000 or fewer endpoints
Our offering for those who only need coverage on nights and weekends.

Includes all standard features
Mon-Thu 6pm-9am
Fri 6pm –Mon 9am

Expel 24x7 with Hunting
Starts at
for 1,000 or fewer endpoints
Add proactive threat hunting to Expel 24x7 to find attacks that evade traditional security tools.

Includes all standard features
24 x 7 x 365
plus threat hunting

Even our pricing is transparent

(if you’re from the procurement department click here)

We’re as tired as you are with the time-wasting back-and-forth that’s required to get to a “real” price for most security products. These are our actual prices. If you love a good negotiation you can check out our negotiation-friendly prices.

# of endpoints
($ per month)
Night Shift
Expel 24x7
(most popular)
Expel 24x7
with hunting
1,000 or fewer $14,400 $19,200 $24,000
5,000 $24,200 $32,300 $40,300
10,000 $35,100 $46,800 $58,500
20,000 $50,700 $67,600 $84,500
50,000 $88,200 $117,600 $147,000
75,000 or more contact us for pricing

Note: When we talk about endpoints, we mean laptops, workstations and servers. We’re not including mobile devices or things like printers, thermostats and other things with an IP address.

All three options include:

  • Monitoring by Expel analysts
  • Unlimited security device monitoring
  • Alert triage performed by Expel analysts
  • Incident investigation and notification
  • Remediation guidance
  • Resilience recommendations
  • Real-time metrics and dashboards
  • Customer engagement manager
  • Expel Workbench™
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