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Expel screen

We create space for you to do what you love* about security

* Even if that’s not thinking about it

What we do

(it’s more than what’s in the SLA)

The combination of the Expel Workbench™ and Expel analysts monitoring your environment 24x7 provide transparent managed security that finds attackers and gives you the answers you need to kick them out and keep them out.

Monitor 24x7

Our analysts monitor your environment and identify threats

Investigate and respond

We find out exactly what happened and tell you what to do about it

Hunt for threats

We proactively hunt for malicious activity in your environment

Help you improve

We tell you how to address the root cause of recurring incidents

What you get

(hint: it’s not alerts)

Want to spend less time operating products and massaging alerts?
Expel tells you what you need to know and what you should care about.

Focus on what matters

We use your products to detect threats, filter out false positives and quickly engage you on the threats you need to care about.

Get specific actions for each incident

When we confirm an incident, we recommend specific actions to resolve each issue. And we write them in plain English so anyone can understand.

Improve your resilience

You get recommendations, based on your environment and past trends, so you can fix the root cause
of recurring events or even prevent them from happening in the first place.

Track your improvement

Are you getting better? Measure how we’re doing, see how much better you’re getting and in what ways.

Transparent managed security

Transparency means you see exactly what our analysts see. It also means there’s never any doubt about what we’re doing on your behalf. It’s a pretty radical idea. But we couldn’t imagine running the service any other way.

  • See exactly what our analysts are doing
  • Draw a straight line from the money you spend to the value you get
Alert Detail

Expel overview

Check out this brochure to learn what we do (transparent managed security) and what you get from Expel and our team of analysts
Learn more >

The transparent managed security handbook

Learn what transparent managed security is, how it compares to other approaches and the role it plays in helping to improve your security
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GreenSky customer story

Expel’s native integration with GreenSky’s security stack allows firm to turn on managed detection and response (MDR) service in a single day
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The result

(not just words… we created a dashboard to track it)

Our customers come to us because they want to increase their security quickly and get their existing security operations team out of the weeds so they can focus on more valuable and satisfying work.

Increase security fast

Transform your security operations team with less investment and overhead

Make your team happier

Eliminate tedious tasks you hate so you can focus on the work you love

Detect and respond faster

Find and resolve threats sooner; measure your progress over time

Reduce cost and risk

Fewer incidents means less disruption for your employees and customers

Our tech integrations

We have out-of-the-box integration with the following products, and we’re constantly adding to the list. So, if you have other tools that do similar things let’s talk. Chances are we can work with them.

Sumo Logic
Palo Alto Networks
Attivo Networks
Microsoft Azure
Office 365

Working with Expel

(aka three things you’ll never hear another managed security provider say)

We’re transparent
(you see what our
analysts see)

We make you better
even when there
are no alerts

We measurably
improve your

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